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5 awesome ideas for your fitness business' blog and how to promote them!

Awesome blog ideas fr your fitness business

Let's clarify an important point: if you own or manage a business in the fitness and wellness industry you need to have a blog!

A blog is an opportunity for you to write about specific topics that might interest your audience, to generate more website visitors, to engage with potential clients, to showcase your expertise and also to improve your ranking on Google!

When writing a blog remember these three rules:

1. Write as you speak

2. Choose topics that interest your audience, not only yourself

3. Remember your keywords and SEO

So you decided to start writing again. Where are you going to find inspiration?

Try to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What do they like? What do they want to know more about?

There are a few things you can do to find blog ideas:

• Check your social media

Look at the likes and engagements of the posts and check what those posts are about.

If you are doing it right, your social media strategy should be well planned and designed. This means that you should be discussing different topics, offering educational content, showcasing products, and posting inspirational images or videos. What is giving you more likes and comments?

Ask your clients There is nothing wrong with asking your clients for opinions. Showing that you care about their ideas will make them feel involved and considered, making them want to engage with you even more. Try asking the question on your next Instagram story, maybe using a poll or the “question” sticker. Alternatively, run a survey and see what comes up!

• Ask your clients

Check what your competitors are writing about and take inspiration from it! Remember, plagiarism is not seen positively by Google (by no one really) so make sure you write original content.

To help you get started, let us give you 5 blog ideas that we know are working.

1. Share the most inspiring stories

Everyone likes to be inspired. Let’s be real, not everyone that takes up any fitness activity is a sports freak. Most people need a little push. Nothing can motivate people more than the story of someone who already achieved their same goal. Viewers can relate to the person in the story and can take him or her as an example.

When writing customer stories, it’s a good idea to include visual content that shows the person you are talking about. People relate to faces and real people. Include some images or, even better, a short video featuring the protagonist of the story.

You can also share the same video on your social media to attract people to read your blog!

2. Educate on a popular topic

A blog is an opportunity to show your expertise. Choose a topic that is popular but not over-saturated. You don’t want talk about something that your readers already saw too many times. You want to be original and you want to choose something unique to your business, something that makes you different than your competitors. An example can be: “how your posture at the office influences your every-day life”.

3. Give away content worth paying for

Everyone loves freebies. Choose a topic that is valuable enough that you could put a price on, but that will leave the viewers longing for more. For example, “10 rules to follow when doing your groceries” can be similar to some sort of advice that you are giving during a consultation. However, if a viewer finds the content helpful, he or she might be motivated to come for an actual consultation, maybe start training and even get a customized plan.

4. Answer "burning questions".

There must be questions that your clients always ask. Maybe questions that have controversial answers, for example, “Is running gonna make me tone up?” or “should I avoid carbs?”. This can allow you to express your idea on the topic and stand out from other competitors that might have different ideas. Remember, make sure you align what you write on your blogs to your business statements.

5. Feature well-known personalities

You can showcase interviews with Athletes, questions & answers with high profile professionals or discuss popular topics with influencers. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other well-known personalities, reach a wider audience by promoting your blog through their channels, and improve your brand’s reputation. When choosing and contacting someone to appear on your blog, make sure his or her persona aligns with your brand.

How to promote your blog post

It's time to promote your blog post!

Did you consider supporting your blogs with video content?

You wrote a fantastic blog post and now you want to promote it on your social media.

Sure, you can share the link on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe promote the post with a Paid campaign.

How about creating a short video that introduces the topic of the blog post?

It could be as long as one minute or even just a 10-second video. Tell people what the blog post is about, what's the reason why they should go and read it and give them a clear Call to Action: "click on this link and read my latest blog post!"

Videos have the highest engagement on social media and can reach more people that might be interested in your blog.

You can post the video on Instagram and ask people to click on the link in your bio.

If you do that, you might want to have a look at our guide on how to write the best Instagram bio.

You can also post the video on Facebook and LinkedIn and add a direct link to the blog.

This will create and better experience with your viewers than just posting a link and they will be more likely to develop an interest in what else you have to say on the topic.

Remember: Do more than asking for clicks!

Your video needs to be more about the content of the blog than a cry for clicks. Remember to include a short introduction to the blog post, what it is about and why it's interesting to read.

Forbes' guide to write an email your customers will open

Use Email campaigns to promote your blog!

If you are an established business and have been in the industry for a few years, you surely have collected a good number of emails in your database.

Those emails belong to people that already know your brand and have already engaged with you at some point. This makes them more likely to be interested in what you have to say!

There are hundreds of platforms available in the market that can help you create a good looking and performing email using simple templates. Two examples of the most popular are Mailchimp and Hubspot.

Email Marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can give you great results at a minimum cost. There are no reasons why you shouldn't use it!

Now that you have some idea to start with, get started and write your first blog post!

Continue reading our blog to learn more tips on how to improve your Fitness Business' Marketing!

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