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Guide to writing the best Instagram Bio in 2020

Your Bio is your Instagram “business card”, the first impression potential clients have when landing on your profile. It’s important that you do it right!

Let us go through some suggestions to help you write a great Instagram Bio for your Fitness Business.

Include a tagline

A tagline is a short sentence that functions as a sum-up of your mission statement or a representation of your brand.

As we mentioned before, your Instagram Bio is a virtual business card. Make sure you include a tagline and let potential clients know what you are all about!

This can motivate your potential clients to find out more about you and raise interest around your brand and values.

Check the example of our Instagram Bio!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are an extremely powerful tool on Instagram. They can expand the reach of your social media post and help users categorize your content, letting them understand what your brand is all about.

Using hashtags in your bio is an efficient way to let visitors know what you do and what you are best at, and let them understand what to expect from your content.

Another great trick is to create a custom branded hashtag and suggest users to follow it.

When doing so, make sure you choose a short and easy-to-remember hashtag, something catchy and interesting. This hashtag could even be a short version of your tagline!

If you create a custom hashtag, make sure you do some research to confirm that it’s not been used already and that it doesn’t link to any content you don’t want to be related to your brand.

See Creative Fitness Hub 2020 guide to hashtags to find out more on how to use this incredible feature.

Use emojis

Did you know that Instagram allows users to search for emojis?

Over time the platform's admins understood that more and more users were adding emojis to their captions, bios and stories and decided to make the most out of them. Adding emojis to your Bio has effects similar to the use of hashtags. Make sure you choose one or two emojis that are relevant and that “make sense” for your business or your bio.

Remember: anything that looks forced leads to bad user experience. If you can’t find any good emoji to use, it’s better for you to leave it rather than forcing it.

Check out this interesting Hubspot guide to the use of emojis.

Think about your Keywords

Even though there is little to no advantage given to your website ranking by the use of keywords on your Instagram Bio, you must create a consistent experience for your visitors.

Using keywords on your bio helps potential clients to associate your brand to a specific service. The conversation that you start with your clients on Instagram should continue when they decide to visit your website.

Include Call To Action

What is your final goal? Are you looking to get Instagram users to visit your website? Do you want them to follow your profile? Are you trying to get them to send you a message?

Whatever your final goal is, make sure you say it!

Adding a Call to Action is essential to your success in Instagram. People on this platform are clicking on posts, liking, commenting, visiting profiles and interacting with stories. This is all happening very fast and because of the nature of this social media, the span of attention of the users is short. You could compare an Instagram user scrolling the feed to a person zapping on TV.

You need to tell them what to do next if you want them to take a specific action!

Make sure your CTA is short, clear and unequivocal.

Use the link in your bio

Your bio is the only place on Instagram where you can add clickable links. Here you can include a link to your website or any other webpage. Make sure you use it as a promotion tool!

Let us explain. You can generally have a link to your website in your bio most of the time. However, like any other business, you are probably offering different promotions throughout the year or running different advertising campaigns. If that’s the case, that’s how you can better use this space.

Let’s say that you are a training studio and you offer a 30% discount to the first 50 clients signing up for classes in June. You are running an AD on Facebook and Instagram that is directing people to a landing page where they can leave their details and redeem the discount. You also have a Google campaign with the same objective. In addition to this, you are posting images and videos mentioning your offer to reach more clients organically.

Why don’t you add the same landing page to your Bio for the period that this offer is running?

Those were our tips for writing the perfect Instagram Bio for your fitness business.

Make sure you continue reading our blog for more tips on how to grow your business on social media!

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